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Quast Praezisionstechnik GmbH

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Hamburg's Economics Senator Frank Horch visited Quast

Hamburg’s Senator for Economics, Frank Horch, visited our company and is convinced of our business strategy to success. He valuates the importance of midsize businesses and appreciates the personal contact to innovative, emerging companies that are active in the Hamburg region. We were pleased that he wanted to get to know us, to gain a more accurate picture about complex projects in the aviation industry and the challenges midsize companies have to face in the international market.

Our Philosophy

As a technology-leading company in the sector with about 60 employees, we take care of engineering, production and assembly of modules in the aviation industry as well as the production of spare and wear parts for the port and local industry. We also produce new components and prototypes of metals and plastic materials. As well as Senator Horch our long-term customers like Airbus, HHLA, Trimet, and many more appreciate the location of our business
The core of our company is the modern CNC turn and milling technology. The three production facilities are equipped with modern machinery and an air conditioned measuring room, including measurement technology from Zeiss. We are able to produce the most complex geometries as single components or small series on a level of quality that is globally competitive.

Our customers' satisfaction is important to us

Because of high reliability and fast response times, we have been able to develop a stable business model for customer satisfaction. Therefore, we are also able to respond to individual requirements like producing special components and accessories that are essential for aircraft or maintenance.

We train our young people

In this growing business it is particular challenging to find well-skilled employees. Therefore, it is very important to us to train the next generation as good as possible, explained Dorit Kleinerüschkamp to the Senator. At the same time we ensure that training with Quast is fun and allows enough freedom. In his conversation with the trainees, Frank Horch has been convinced as well.

Growth in the aviation industry

The location of our business in Hamburg is very important to us and we place great emphasis on developing aviation in the future. Senator Horch agrees and supports the construction of the “Zentrum für Angewandte Luftfahrtforschung (ZAL)” and the planned cooperation between Quast and ZAL.

The future at a glance

At the end of his visit, the senator also learned that the company needs to expand.
“Given the tougher competition you are a good example of a medium-sized company with the knowledge of research, production and consulting”, states Horch after his 2-hour-tour. Olaf Schreyer and Frank Horch are convinced that the future belongs to 3D technology and Quast Praezisionstechnik is already on the right way to success. In cooperation with Laser Zentrum Nord (Laser Centre North, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg) and Airbus, test components made of titanium and aluminum alloy are already produced.